Revisited // Barry Jay Hughs

In the second of our string of posts reflecting on year uno here at Mytacism Music we are taking a look at what happened to Barry & Liebe. The gorgeous duo originally started off as a wedding band and then drifted into the mainstream musical world with a level of grace and ease that would make anyone jealous. Their debut EP ‘Mariposa’ was four tracks of hauntingly beautiful sounds that I still actually play today. But, alas, the duo have stopped their collaborations however on the Barry half we do have some exciting new things on offer.

Barry Jay Hughes solo career has been kicked started with the irresistible sounds of his debut EP ‘This Way Up’ which contains four songs of delicious acoustics that sound like a reinvented and more upbeat side to what he used to make in Barry & Liebe. It’s better, more developed and more entrancing, Hughes has been able to take us on a personal journey within his music that can only pave the way for a future journey of greatness. This is the sort of music that would be truly magnificent to experience live, the ability to be surrounded by each note would take his music up to another level of heart-tingling perfection. His decision to move on has evidently been a significantly great one.

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