Revisted // Cats Park

In exactly one week we will be blowing out the candles on our birthday cake. Surreal to think this blog has lasted so long isn’t it? But, it’s not as surreal as the apples produced from Cats Park who had, this time last year, released ‘A Taste Of Heaven’, an album which got them into the first round of the Grammy’s in 3 different categories.

Did I say apples? Sorry, I meant music. It’s easy to confuse the two when the qualities are so alike, their music is tender, delicate, sweet, juicy but covered in a tougher skin, rosy, healthy. The list goes on. In fact, it goes on even longer when you listen to their new single ‘Fall’, a song which easily takes you out of your body. The sweeps of warped sounds place you somewhere else whilst the symphonies and rich vocals keep you planted, your roots growing as the all powerful voice enriches you with everything you’d need to grow. All you need to know is that since last year, Cats Park has only got stronger, and will continue to get stronger until their music is in everyone’s music library. Not in a U2 way of course, more in a Beetles sort of way.

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