The Persian Leaps

The Persian Leaps are a three piece band from Minnesota, the name created during a Greek Archaeology course in college. But, by the sound of their music, they won’t be needing their Greek Archaeology knowledge much longer, their music is so good that I can’t really describe to what lengths it is good. But I will, never the less, try as I attempt to communicate the sound of their next EP ‘High & Vibrate’ which will be released on the 25th of September.

The Persian Leaps

It opens with ‘The Infection’, a track containing the roll of hard beats, the feel good fuzz of guitars and some jarringly clean cut vocals. It accumulates into a spaced out collection of college rock sounds. You could imagine this to be part of some 90’s film about how some college jocks realize that the uncool kids are actually cool after one of the so called uncool kids get’s the hot girl. Sounding a bit American Pie isn’t it? ‘Under The Lilacs’ has melodies that point south, the track having a slightly ‘down’ feel to. You won’t be down listening to it however, you’ll be too busy getting addicted to the haze and motion of the track for it to be rubbed off on you.

Their lead single from the EP, ‘Dottie, Queen Of The West’, sandwiches itself in the middle. It’s already available for download so you’d be stupid not to snap up the opportunity. It begins mellow, the vocals donning a wistful jacket that rubs it’s feeling off onto you, making you dreamy, loving and gentle. It builds up slightly so that, by the end, you end up singing the lyrics with your lighter swaying in the air. ‘Frozen’ picks up the pace a bit more so its easy to be found doing an oddly paced movement that just about passes as a dance to this song. The EP closes with ‘Anthem’. It’s falsely starts down-paced before the guitars pick up to deafening fuzz and you’ll be mimicking the innocent chorus of “No way, ah-ah” long after the song has finished.

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