Revisited // Jet Black Sunrise

We first met Jet Black Sunrise following the release of their EP ‘Departures’ and since then, they have not pressed paused, not once. And now, following a lot of live shows, they are ready to lay down some new tracks to form yet another EP. I managed to catch up with them to see how things are going:

Jet Black Sunrise

Mytacism Music: How have you guys been since we last heard from you?

Nick Fede (vocals and guitars): Busy. With a capital B. Musically, personally, and professionally. We all have a lot balancing on our collective plates.

Matt Cronin (vocals and keyboards): We have had a couple of stops in the northeast to play for our friends and fans, and have been working on music for a new release. We have all been maturing in our professional and musical lives, as we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings on Wednesday evenings after college.

I heard you’ve been playing some shows, are you enjoying the live scene? How was the reception?

NF: The shows we have played have been pretty positive and we’ve had the opportunity to play songs from or whole catalog, which is nice. We’re approaching seven years as a band and it’s nice to be able to play the older tunes while still keeping them fresh.

MC: We have been conducting a small circuit of shows that have been very well-attended and have been a blast for us. We just recently went back to Café 939 for the first time in years, and it was a joy to head back into such a familiar place with a few familiar faces in the crowd.

If you were to go on tour with any band, who would it be?

NF: Counting Crows. They’re a band that pushes each other musically every night. They’re certainly a band that I personally look up to.

MC: I think this question is always a trick, because there are certainly bands that would be amazing to share a bill with, but if you’re going on tour, you really have to be compatible with the other musicians on a colloquial level. I’ve always felt like it would be such a blast to tour with Ben Folds, as he has the ability to turn such incredible instrumentals into some of the best musical jokes I’ve ever heard (see: his chatroulette vamps). I would love to hear Death Cab for Cutie play live every night, so being on tour with them would be amazing.

Have you got a dream venue to play at?

NF: A few. Orpheum Theater in Boston, Red Rocks in Colorado, and Carnegie Hall, just to name a few.

MC: Dream venue: Red Rocks or Wembley (simply because if you can play Wembley, you’ve probably made it).

I also heard that you’ve got a new EP in the works, can you tell us a little about it?

NF: It’s titled “Arrivals”. Musically, we’re picking up right where “departures” left off. We’re excited to see how these new tunes shake out in the studio.

MC: We are at a point where we can play the chords to our songs in our sleep, but being able to arrange our new songs is what we focus on when we get together to rehearse. We have a multitude of potential candidates for a new EP, and we are very excited to share the music we’ve spent the last couple of years writing. If you’ve heard our albums in their chronological progression, you can hear the move from pub rock to a more ethereal stadium rock feel. I spent a good amount of time with our producer on Departures making sure we were filling the space that we would’ve previously left untouched. Throughout Departures, we really shifted our push to focus on how the album would sound without ever hearing us live. I think we grew quite a bit during the writing/recording process, and it made us all better musicians at the same time.

Have you thought about writing an album in the future? What sort of direction would you want to take it in?

NF: We don’t exactly write albums; it’s never been our process. However, there’s an ever growing group of songs that we all contribute to that we draw from when compiling our releases. Choosing the appropriate songs for each release has been challenging and fun. For example, “Gone” from “Departures” and “321” from “Capture” had been sitting around for a few years before we recorded them.

MC: ​We’ve always intended Departures to be part of a bigger picture, and will complete the second half of its installation for our next EP. We plan to release an anthology of sorts that encompasses both Departures and our TBD EP, which will give new listeners a sense of a full and congruent album. Past that point, putting out another LP has been a dream of ours that we’ll hopefully put into circulation sometime soon.

Good luck and have fun in the studio!

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