Static In Verona

If you were to listen to any Static In Verona track, you couldn’t help but assume that those evolving melodies were produced by a full band. But that assumption would be wrong. Static In Verona is just one guy from Chicago called Rob Merz. It’s just one guy who is, today, releasing his third album ‘Odd Anthem’, a mix of sounds, feelings and moods. Some of the tracks mix into one another in a big, tasty, indie pop cake, but there are a few tracks that really stick out. There’s the opening track ‘Anyone Anymore’ which immediately submerges you into the Static In Verona universe with its irresistibly fast and slow electronic melodies and following song ‘Heavy Hands’ that takes you by surprise with it’s assaulting heavy beat. This is an album that will only just leave you standing.

‘Blink’ is a track that shifts personality, it’s dark, brooding and sly. Even though I’ve heard it a few times, I’m still waiting for it to bite me with those shifty melodies and slick vocals. The rolling beats of ‘Then A Hush’ is yet another song that grabbed my attention. It begins slowly before unfurling its arms and legs and becoming a fully flowing being that warms you, moves you and makes you feel special. The 8th track, ‘Forgetful’, will be the song that will stick in your mind the longest. It has a steady rhythm, surges of melodies and really catchy lyrics that mean that you won’t stop singing “I wish I was forgetful so I could forget you” for a very long time indeed.

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