The Quinch Experiment

Believe in the impossible because the impossible can happen. I say this as today I bring to you a band who live miles apart from each other, they haven’t even met. So how do they make music I hear you gasp, they do it all online. And with great talent. It may only be possible because of their synth-pop/electronic genre but it’s still something to behold.

The Quinch Experiment’s latest offering features delicious vocals from Viara Ivanova and tells us a story of the online social media landscape and how she needs “IRL I need you”, a perfect song to accompany today’s lifestyle. It’s synth melodies are like candy for your brain, you’ll think that you won’t like it but, as the seconds tick by, you’ll be eating up every note and spark like the first time you discovered how good chocolate is. The vocals are just the sugar dusting, they’re sweet and you won’t be able to stop them from becoming the voice inside your head.

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