The Best Of… Mytacism Music

It’s been a whole year of Mytacism Music! So, whilst I am about 1 second short of running around in excitement that this venture is so far vaguely successful, I wanted to thank you for reading and supporting all of our artists. Whilst you don’t get a real gift, I can virtually gift you with a break down of all of our best bits from the year we’ve carved out of pixels together. GO US!!

Barry & Liebe

Looking back at some of the first artists we featured, Barry & Liebe always stick out. We only just brought up what happened to the duo a few days ago where we found Barry exploring the musical world successfully on his own but their EP ‘Mariposa’ is one that continues to glow within my mind, even after all this time. If you want a continued taste of those beautiful sounds, make sure you keep up with everything Barry Jay Hughes gets up to.

You Are Number Six

We have only just taken a look at his latest offerings but the first time YAN6 appeared on our blog was back in January where his infectious electronic melodies hooked us like a drug. Since then, we’ve seen him release his EP ‘Lensflares’ which only made his talent even more prominent.


Winter 1982

Another delight from January, Winter 1982 is a folky creation that only seems to keep getting stronger and bigger by the second, resulting them releasing their EP. And it’s not hard to believe, one a listen to their music and I can bet you that you will fall inexplicably in love with every note and lyric that comes gushing out of them.

King Eider

Soon to be Scottish giants, King Eider have been touring some of the best festivals, putting out their voluptuous music and gaining all the ears they can. But, it’s no surprise really, their music sounds so good it’s as if they been playing the field for longer than you can think about.


She might only be 18 but she is everything you’d want to be. Whether your young, old, male, female, Meresha has so much talent that anyone should at least aspire to have some of her driven qualities. You might, one day very soon, even find her hanging out at Glastonbury. It’s an obvious result when you listen to how she mixes her electro-pop sounds with a voice that sounds purely heavenly.

The Sinclair Sinclair

The Estonian group are divinely out of this world, their gentle cascading notes sound not from this planet and thus transport you to a far away one on a soul reaching journey. In fact, their lyrics even state ‘I’m not a human’, proving that they’ve brought us their zingy melodies as a gift from elsewhere.


The Italian foursome are on the verge of breaking out. Their indie riffs, catchy vocals and dreamy sound are all that takes to hook you and absorb you. Their latest release, a 4 track EP entitled ‘Rage’, has been gaining a lot of momentum recently and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

Venus Rising

Venus Rising are not only setting out to save the world environmentally but also musically, a single play of their songs will immediately make you feel extreme levels of joy and love. You’ll also be addicted, it’s not often that you can find something that sounds this good, feels this good and is, well, this good for you.

Burning Astronomer

One of our more recent features, Burning Astronomer made us re-discover some of those emotions we like to hide away under heavy lock and key. Their melodies are a pleasing mix of rock, pop and love, their lyrics are beautifully powerful and they actually mean something, what more would you want?


They have the personality, the sound and the all important irresistible factor. You won’t be able to get enough of these guys, their music is so upbeat and infectious that you’ll have it on repeat for days and you won’t be able to forget it.



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