Calming River // The Ones That We Left Behind

Calming River, also known as Joshua Brain, was featured here back in March following the release of his intricate debut LP ‘Afflict And Redeem’. And, following a very short period of musical quietness, will be back on October 2nd with yet another outstanding release which comes in the form of EP ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’. It’s full of the sound of musical brilliance, each of the four tracks have their own personality whilst still sharing that intimate feel that defines Calming River.


‘The Actress Pt. ll’ is the song you’re first introduced to, it’s gorgeously atmospheric and soothes you, both with the gentle melodies and poetic lyrics: “And the first thing that burned away / Were the pages that only you had seen / Since the most beautiful fire”. Lead track ‘Art of Wire’ follows with a similar elegance, the lyrics continue to enchant you and the melodies make you feel like you’re elsewhere, yet this time they translate a mixed feeling of both hope and despair. They start by looking up before channeling a more sorrowful tone, leaving you to ponder the different levels to the song.

‘Solemn Witness’ moves with a sense of gravity, you can tell from the deeper tones of the violin that there’s something weighing on his mind. Yet, before long, there’s the added introduction of a beat that alludes to his ever present suggestion of hope in his music. The song that’s left on your tongue is ‘Inertia Fire’. The melodies are almost a literal translation of the title, the violin flicks with the wavering of a flame but the dark, repetitious plucks of the guitar remain graciously intact and non-moving. As the vocals come in, the melodies get their last push and shimmer away into another form of beauty, closing the EP in one of the most beautiful ways possible.

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