WMF // Beneath Broken Lies

September means only one thing here at Mytacism Music, it’s time for Worcester Music Festival. WMF is a weekend of music in the center of Worcester (obviously) from the 18th till the 20th. But it’s better than being just that, volunteers spend the weekend collecting money for charity (this year for Worcestershire Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre) and no matter what venue/artist you go to, you won’t be forced to hand over any currency. So, while we wait for that weekend to approach, what better way to deal with our excitement than to go through every act on the line up and find the very best for you to go and see. We took the time to talk to the four piece rock band Beneath Broken Lies.

WHO: Beneath Broken Lies | WHERE: Worcester Arts Workshop | WHEN: Sun 20th @ 8:30pm

Hi! How are you feeling about Worcester Music Festival? Are you excited? 

We’re really looking forward to playing at the Worcester music festival as we’ve been going to it for at least 2-3 years, watching bands we’ve seen before to bands we’ve never seen, it’s a great atmosphere so it’s going to be an amazing show finally playing in this festival for such a good cause.

beneath broken lies

How would you like to introduce yourself to new fans? 

We’re a 4 piece alternative rock band from Worcester that write and play original songs as well as popular covers developed to suit our style of music. Our style focuses around rock/heavy rock divided into technical lead riffs as well as a new sound with a 90’s edge.

 Have you played at other festivals before? How was your experience? 

So far we’ve played at a festival in Stratford, but recently we’ve been focusing on building up our set and doing our own gigs, however we have other festivals lined up next year such as the MappFest. This will be a great gig to promote and get our name out there.

What was your first live performance like? How has your act developed since then?

As our band has gradually been built up we have all individually had different first live experiences, yet as a band our first experience together started off at open mic nights before progressing to our own gigs. Since our first performance together we have gained lots of confidence, experience and own style of rocking up the stage to now bring an exciting, energetic atmosphere to all our gigs.

How has your local music scene affected the way you play live?

As we’re a young band it’s difficult to get our name out there and get gigs, however through places that do open mic nights we’ve been given the chance to improve the way we play and gain confidence, and thankfully to that we’re now playing our own gigs with lots of experience to a high quality.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for your performance?

As part of our set we’re going to be playing a few covers so you should especially look out for a very unexpected one.

 Are there any other acts you are looking forward to seeing or any that you’d recommend? 

We’re looking forward seeing some bands we haven’t seen before as well going to see some of our friend’s bands such as Chase The Deer.

And finally, do you have any tales of the road you’d like to share with us?

Yes, don’t do gigs outside! We figured this out after playing at a birthday party where we met a brutal storm, practically a hurricane which blew the whole marquee over, knocking all of our amps, pa heads and drum cymbals to the ground which we then had to escort into shelter while it was still pouring down with rain. We managed to save the night by playing an improvised acoustic set later on, after the weather died down.

WMF: Website / Twitter / Facebook

Beneath Broken Lies: Twitter / Facebook / YouTube


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