WMF // French Leave

September means only one thing here at Mytacism Music, it’s time for Worcester Music Festival. WMF is a weekend of music in the center of Worcester (obviously) from the 18th till the 20th. But it’s better than being just that, volunteers spend the weekend collecting money for charity (this year for Worcestershire Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre) and no matter what venue/artist you go to, you won’t be forced to hand over any currency. So, while we wait for that weekend to approach, what better way to deal with our excitement than to go through every act on the line up and find the very best for you to go and see. French Leave, an irresistible electro three piece, is today’s musical titbit.

WHO: French Leave | WHERE: The Firefly | WHEN: Sun 20th @ 5pm

Their sound takes me back to the Festival Republic tent at Reading, a place where some of the best, new talent is born. So, I hope, that really summarizes who these guys are and what they are about to accomplish. The melodies are slow and gentle, making the perfect escape, and their vocals hover on the airwaves in a smooth and welcoming tone, making it hard to dislike them. Each track that I’ve listen to is upbeat and, I am only guessing here, their live performance will be the perfect one to help bring the weekend to a close.

WMF: Website / Twitter / Facebook

French Leave: Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp


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