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September means only one thing here at Mytacism Music, it’s time for Worcester Music Festival. WMF is a weekend of music in the center of Worcester (obviously) from the 18th till the 20th. But it’s better than being just that, volunteers spend the weekend collecting money for charity (this year for Worcestershire Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre) and no matter what venue/artist you go to, you won’t be forced to hand over any currency. So, while we wait for that weekend to approach, what better way to deal with our excitement than to go through every act on the line up and find the very best for you to go and see. Today we had a chat with EdwardAlice ahead of their performance.

WHO: EdwardAlice | WHERE: St. Swithun’s Institute Halls | WHEN: Sun 20th @ 1pm

Hi! How are you feeling about Worcester Music Festival? Are you excited?

We are very excited about playing Worcester Music Festival, I’ve been looking at the line up and it sounds promising. From having a listen through some of the acts ‘The Correct Arc’ look like one a loads of bands that we’ll probably try to catch.


How would you like to introduce yourself to new fans?

We’d like to introduce ourselves as Acoustic/Folk/Pop, mostly very upbeat, interesting lyrically and good fun to listen to.

Have you played at other festivals before? How was your experience?

We’ve been gigging since early 2013 and over the last couple of years we’ve played a lot of shows. This year so far we’ve played 22 festivals and the experience varies from event to event. We’ve had some really great times this year and met some wonderful people. Some of the Highlights include Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, Secret Garden Party, Cambridge Folk Festival and most recently WeyFest, that was really great. But they’ve all more or less been really accommodating.

What was your first live performance like? How has your act developed since then? 

Our first gig was in a really nice little venue with a really friendly audience so it allowed us to stay quite relaxed from the outset. We’ve developed a lot since then, we’re much more confident with our performance now and far better practiced, also our instrumentation has expanded slightly as we’ve all expanded our input.

How has your local music scene affected the way you play live?

It probably has. In Cambridge certain aspects of the music scene have been damaged in the last few years with venues and pubs closing but that hasn’t really affected us because acoustic gigs are much easier and more portable to arrange. So as a result I think we’ve been able to play to more people. Places like the Cambridge Folk Club, BBC Cambridge and Cambridge 105 have been very supportive and all this has helped to build our confidence, making us better at performing overall.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for your performance?

Well hopefully we won’t need any tricks and people will enjoy our music but we’ve got a clown and a very small car on standby if that doesn’t pay off.

Are there any other acts you are looking forward to seeing or any that you’d recommend?

Well as we’ve mentioned ‘The Correct Arc’ look pretty cool from browsing the acts on the website. Fred’s House always good as well and we’ll keep browsing up until the festival hopefully!

And finally, do you have any tales of the road you’d like to share with us?

Erm that depend on where this is being published 😉
But we have a laugh generally or it wouldn’t be worth it. Hopefully we’ll have something to walk away with after our set at Worcester this year!

We really hope you enjoy seeing us!

WMF: Website / Twitter / Facebook

EdwardAlice: Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp


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