WMF // Matt Roberts

September means only one thing here at Mytacism Music, it’s time for Worcester Music Festival. WMF is a weekend of music in the center of Worcester (obviously) from the 18th till the 20th. But it’s better than being just that, volunteers spend the weekend collecting money for charity (this year for Worcestershire Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre) and no matter what venue/artist you go to, you won’t be forced to hand over any currency. So, while we wait for that weekend to approach, what better way to deal with our excitement than to go through every act on the line up and find the very best for you to go and see. Today I’m introducing you to the breath-taking talents of Matt Roberts.

WHO: Matt Roberts | WHERE: The Farrier’s Arms | WHEN: Sun 20th @ 6pm

Matt Roberts is the sort of guy that when you see him perform he makes you feel very bland. He can create a bigger sound with a guitar than you would have thought possible and you will feel like you are watching, at the very least, a duo perform instead of just one man. Even by just watching a video, you feel the power that he has and I’m sure that it will amount to a very impressive performance in a well set location.

I’m still wishing that my arm was that co-ordinated.

WMF: Website / Twitter / Facebook

Matt Roberts: Youtube


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