Inspiration // Nicholas Wells

Ever wanted to know what made the artists in your music library tick? What albums inspired their own? Their personal musical history? Wonder no more for Mytacism Music has got your Monday Inspiration to show you the albums that inspired the albums. For this weeks inspiration we asked Nicholas Wells about Five For Fighting’s ‘The Battle For Everything’, the album that inspired his latest album ‘Stumbling Forward’.

Nicholas Wells

What made you pick up the album?

I was fifteen, and I heard “100 Years” come on the radio for the first time as my mom drove me home from a friend’s sweet sixteen party. It resonated with me (the first line of the song is “I’m fifteen for a moment”), and I was really impressed by how a single song could conquer a gigantic theme such as life and the moments passing by. I went out the next day and picked up the album.

Where were you when you first heard the album in its entirety?

I’m pretty sure I took it to school with me, and continued listening through it whenever I got the chance in between classes.

Where did the album take you on your first listen? 

I had been writing songs since I was eight, and I had a fascination with great songwriting. I’d always had a hunger for new music, especially songs with distinctly memorable melodies and meaningful lyrics. Those songs hit me just right. My first listen quickly became my thirtieth as the album became the soundtrack to my 11th grade.

Why did it inspire your own work?

I’ve always turned to songwriting to express and process the extreme ups and downs of life. This album was almost an affirmation of everything I strived to accomplish with my music. It helped shape me as a young songwriter, and gave me some great ideas for instrumentation and arrangements.

Are there any lyrics that stuck with you from the record?

“Fifteen there’s still time for you, time to buy and time to lose yourself within a morning star”. This has always meant a lot to me. As I started to figure out my life and myself as a teenager, I spent a lot of late nights and early mornings taking walks with friends down the quiet roads around my town. It’s hard to say what was so significant to me about those formative years, but I still draw inspiration from them. Walking down the street at 3:00am, thinking about where life would take us, everything was all questions. Now I’m slowly finding out more of the answers as life plays out.

Do you have a favourite track? What is it and why?

My favorite track is definitely still “100 Years”. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. It has a beautiful melody and arrangement, and does an amazing job of depicting that bewildering enigma, of life passing us by.

Do you have any particular memories attached to the record?

I just remember experiencing adolescence to this record. I remember listening to “Dying” after a breakup, and I remember playing “Disneyland” for a serious girlfriend. I remember learning to drive and blasting “Devil In The Wishing Well” in the car by myself when I got my license. I have an image in my head of listening to “One More For Love” as I rode with my mom to the hospital because of some complications I had in 11th grade. And I still listen to “100 Years”, to take stock of how many “verses” I’ve lived through, and how many there are left to live.

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