Worcester Music Festival

This time last week we would have been found running around Worcester with a camera, pen and paper. But now we’re stuck reliving the memories, one edited picture at a time, waiting for our slow internet to finish loading. But, whilst our festival blues are still going strong, we thought that it was finally time to boast about what a brilliant weekend we had watching some of Worcester’s best acts prove how good and overlooked the local music scene is. If we could have a scratch of what WMF was like each month, I’m sure the city would soon turn into the musical hotpot it was accidentally designed to be and rule the roost of musical cities. Get down Manchester.

The Friday evening was meant to commence with The Barefoot Bandit but their lateness resulted in us missing out on their set. We instead found ourselves at The Farriers Arms for Georgina Biggin, her calming, relaxed style getting us ready for the evening of music. We then trekked over to The Pavilion In The Park to see Pig Daze but were instead met with the shouting and crying for whatever was happening during the rugby (we followed the wrong times, totally our fault). But it wasn’t too long until Leon Gormley arrived to soothed our musical hunger with his notable talent. Our evening of acoustics continued over at The Paul Pry where we sandwiched ourselves into the thick crowd to watch B-Sydes and Jackrabbit Parole, ending our evening with a strum-full of love.

Amie was the girl who brought us to our senses on Saturday over at The Pavilion In The Park where Worcestershire Youth Music had set up for the afternoon. And, if her covers and originals are anything to go by, she’s got a vibrant future awaiting her. The rest of WYM’s afternoon continued in a blur of brilliance, just like it did at Cafe Bliss who’s ‘Lazy Saturday’ was anything but lazy. We were frequently found dancing out the front (I’m sure there’s some embarrassing photos of us somewhere), mainly to showstoppers Eeek! and Pre Sleep Monologue who’s performances filled us with a necessary carefree happiness.

Our favourite set of the day of course came from the lovely Alfie Jack. We danced, we sung and now we are eagerly awaiting some sort of release from them so that we can play it for days on end without pressing pause, mainly just to relive the effortless brilliance of their set. But, as darkness closed in, our day of gentle dancing switched up to head banging and bruises when Faithful City Shows took ownership of the Worcester Arts Workshop. Flatline was first up, looking humorously too large for the stage and their sound going to a bloody war with the house music being played in a flat across the street. That was, however, only a warm up to Giants insane set which literally blew us away with their endless riffs and heart robbing shouts before ACODA then closed the night, giving all that they could give in a sweaty finale.

Sunday opened on a folky note when Edward, Alice enchanted us with the energy and love that they brought with them to St. Swithun’s Institute Halls. Speak, Brother also flaunted some gorgeous tones at the hall, the chime of bells drifting through the window only increased the beauty of the micro-heaven they’d created. Cafe Bliss’s ‘Soul Sunday’ was just as good as their ‘Lazy Saturday’, showcasing some real talent such as the smooth LB Robinson and the exceptional free-styling Call Me Unique. It was Bren Haze however that won the award for best set of the day from us. He promised to wake the crowd up and that he did, even stunning a few with his incomparable talent. I mean, who else will effortlessly play two guitars at the same time and still sound so good you’ll turn envious shades of green?

Beneath Broken Lies then went on to exceed every expectation we had of them. Considering that they’ve only played around 10 shows, the audience didn’t stop moving or singing along to their covers, there was even a few people grasping at the words for their originals, proving their growing strength. Royal Ascent drawed in one of the largest audiences of the weekend, showing them how to go hard and heavy. It was in fact so hard and heavy that I gained a bruise that’s just been ascending in shades of black since the weekend.

We’ll see you next year.


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