Barns Courtney

Barnaby Courtney has come striking back into the music world, imaginatively reinventing himself as Barns Courtney. In case you’ve never heard of the genius, he used to be a front-man in a talented, now broken up band (they literally used to be my faves) and had become part of the illusive internet, flickering here and there before finally flashing his red light on Instagram where he starting sharing with the world again that he was doing shows and supporting various bands, including The Libertines. I’ve got your attention now haven’t I? Well you can now, finally, listen to something of his without having to be watching him live. And I can prove to you that I’m not being biased about how good he is. Because he’s good. Really good.

‘Glitter & Gold’ is the sort of track that you have to listen to on repeat for at least a week before you can bare to part with the irresistible stomping beat, the smooth vocals and the lyrics that literally won’t leave your head. And then, even when you stop listening to it, you’ll be mindlessly recreating it on your kitchen table, much to the despair of your family at breakfast. It’s a track that screams power and feeling, it’s the song that will get you out of bed in the morning, it’s the 3 minutes that will finally motivate you to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. It’s all that it will take to remind you that you are alive, living a life that can actually do something. You are glitter and gold.

If he does a music video to this, I will be more than upset if it doesn’t feature some sort of tribal scene and a killer bonfire.

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