Royal Ascent, Richa, Vera Grace & Palm Reader @ The Marrs Bar 1/10/15

Faithful City Shows always put on a good show and Thursday’s was no different.

Royal Ascent - Duncan Graves

Royal Ascent

The night kicked off with the only band that could make a Thursday night feel like a Friday night: Royal Ascent. Not only did they manage to blot out any thought of college/work the next day, the five piece showed how to make a name for yourself. Their set was short one and should have definitely been longer but, in that time, they flexed their talented fingers to capacity in a pounding set that left the four syllable name on everyone’s lips.

Richa - Duncan Graves


Richa followed, taking to the stage in a numbing haze of psych melodies that felt very, very out of place that evening. But, there were a few guys in the crowd having a hell of a time and I guess if you’ve made a few people happy then you can call yourself a success, right? I’d recommend seeing them, just not if you like a mosh.

Vera Grace - Duncan Graves

Vera Grace

Back onto the ‘metalcore’ theme of the evening, it was great to finally see what Vera Grace could do live after the release of their gloriously chaotic EP back in August. Instead of the audience participating with them, they participated with the audience, the sheer sweating strength of their set was forcefully felt by each bystander and you couldn’t really help but get into each dirty riff.

Palm Reader - Duncan Graves

Palm Reader

Then, turning up the volume, was Palm Reader, rounding off the night in a frenzy of aggression and melodies that inspired at the very least the attemption of a hardcore pit. Through the spinning legs I watched as the band hammered out their souls in a performance that made mine feel like it was on fire, a fire that’s still ablaze today.

Photography by Duncan Graves

Read our interview with Royal Ascent here


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