Isaac & The Ransel Men

If you search the term ‘Ransel Men’ on Google, you will be greeted with the sight of some very swarve men showing off their very swarve and slightly disgusting rucksacks. And no, I’m not going to compare Isaac & The Ransel Men to these bags, I am in fact going to compare them to the confidence those men have. Being able to be photographed with such awful bags requires a lot of it, and its also something that the Scott’s men reek of. Every note that they produce shouts ‘I don’t care about this awful bag’ and ‘I can do what I damn well please because I rock’ and their latest track ‘Two Minute Punk Classic’, due out on the 5th of November, is no exception to this.

This track is exactly what it says on the tin: a fast, energetic, punk 60’s revival. It’s the sort of thing that sends shivers through your body as the rising riffs unrelentingly hit you in that perfect place. And, as you pogo dance your way to heaven, it will leave you wondering if you are on the verge of something brilliant. Because you are, Isaac & The Ransel Men are going to big, perhaps in an underground way, but they’ll be big. Trust me.

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