Bren Haze

Bren Haze’s name should ring a bell for you if you like your musicians to have talent sweating out of their pores like they’ve just done a 10 mile sprint. Either that or you read the blog avidly and caught our interview pre-WMF or saw our review of his set. Well, to get a full house of features on here, we are getting wax-lyrical about his latest album ‘Step Out Of The Haze’. The 10 track wonder is predominantly rock but there is an obvious country bloodline to it, adding a sugar dusting that makes it so easy to listen to that you can’t find yourself an excuse to stop.

Bren Haze

‘Real’ is the first track to greet you, it’s full of this light, happy guitar that makes you feel like you can touch the sky and lyrics that will put your other half to shame. The song also boasts some killer rock strums and a country mellowness which you would think would sound bad but it instead mixes into a heavenly noise that sounds absolutely perfect. ‘Distant Lights’ however switches to a gentle and caressing sound, full of calm guitar riffs that, mixed with the lyrics, create a sense that he really is pouring his heart out (“Walk with me, talk with me, again its love / Come to me, follow me, from above”). Placing you in a similarly gentle fantasy, ‘Hypnotise’ does exactly what it says on the tin through it’s emotionally charged guitar solo and vocals that make you feel things that you didn’t realize existed.

The album is full of those guitar solo’s that make you green with envy, ‘To The Moon & Back’, ‘And You Know’ and ‘Colours’ all flaunt Bren Haze’s incomparable talent the best, depicting various moods and feelings through a simple pick and strings. The solo in ‘Something New’ even makes you feel hopeful despite it’s almost haunting melodies. And, once you get over the fact that ‘Song Number 2’ is, in fact, song number 5, you will fall into the waves of guitar lead melodies that will make your foot tap and your face light up. ‘Goodbye’ is a simple reminder that your heart does work, it’s raw emotion will be making it swell before you meet the only track that would do the album finale justice: ‘Step Out Of The Haze’. It’s almost as if Bren knew you’d need a helping hand to get out of ‘the haze’, providing a track to help with the transition back to the real world.

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