James King

What are the three things that a new, up-coming artist needs? Bags of talent, a great personality and songs full of raw emotion and power. And who is the next lucky person to be given these three things? James King, a London based solo artist who is following in the footsteps of the likes of Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran and James Bay. It’s obvious from the few tracks that he has already shared that he has the potential to be knocking around the biggest arenas with these big names and its pretty much inevitable that he will have floods of adoring fans following his movements but, for now, he’s spending his time releasing his EP ‘Lost – Bewildered’ and offering ‘Riddle’ up for free download over on his website.

There are many reasons why you might go and listen to ‘Riddle’ but, for me, it’s all because of how smooth the song is, it will wash over you like a calming wave of good energy. It will even make you happy. It reminds you of those really good memories that warm you to the core when you think of them and, if it’s possible, make those memories seem even better. It’s like a magic gloss. The end of the song however is the best part. It’s as momentous as folk can get; a warm, fast-paced spin of notes and melodies that make you feel like you in a the ending of a fairy-tale if you turn the sound up high enough.

Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud / YouTube / Instagram / Free Download


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