Murder Shoes

Murder Shoes are a sultry mix of surf rock and dreamy indie, two different sounds that have congealed into one in a fascinating but heavenly feat of science. The sound is expertly flaunted on the four piece’s debut LP ‘Daydreaming’, due for release on the 6th of November. Every single track on the album sounds good enough to be released as a single, whether its the dark, promiscuity of ‘Secrets’ or the hazy power of ‘Your Friend Kimmy’, each song has it’s own little identity that makes you see a different reason to fall in love with the bands talents.

The two tracks that have, however, already released as single show the two different sides to the band. ‘Nineteeneightyone’ opens with the rolls of a dreamy haven of surf rock before mellowing into the reverbed distance, taking you over the world’s best landscapes in a journey that you’ll want to return to day after day. And, on the other hand, we have the grunge infusion of ‘Girls Named Benji’, channeling the harsher sound The Pixies and shaking it up with their own inscrutable indie melodies. The product is something that will get your anger out and make you feel dreamily kick-ass.

If ‘Girls Named Benji’ isn’t releasing enough of your pent up anger, ‘Little Lost’ is the track for you. It’s a heavy, sly track that haunts your dreams, watching on with it’s wide and eccentric eyes. Or, if anger isn’t your thing, you’ll love the vibe-ridden sounds of ‘Can You Sea Me’. The beginning of the track beams out some of 70’s new wave styles and the distorted guitar matches perfectly with the likes of the dreamy Aussie psyche scene. The remaining 5 tracks of the album are all fabulous too, ‘So What May’ and ‘How Does It Feel’ being some of my own personal favorites but I think they should be left for you to discover by yourselves.

Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Free Download of ‘Nineteeneightyone’


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