Inspiration // Mary Jennings

Ever wanted to know what made the artists in your music library tick? What albums inspired their own? Their personal musical history? Wonder no more for Mytacism Music has got your Monday Inspiration to show you the albums that inspired the albums. To inspire you this week we have Mary Jennings’ tell us how Tori Amos inspired her own music:

Mary Jennings

Like most girls, my teenage years were filled with insecurities and angst. I would put on a positive face when out in public but my insides were a mess from a split family, repeated heartbreaks, and…well…puberty of course.

I will never forget the first time I heard Tori Amos. Before my 8th grade Latin class started, my friend Amy pulled out her portable cd player and let me listen to a few melodic moments from Boys for Pele. I was hooked instantly. I loved her voice, her odd note choices, and her slightly uncomfortable lyrics.

I dove completely into all of her music after that. Although it was Boys for Pele that got me hooked, it was Under the Pink and Little Earthquakes that sent me over the moon for her writing. “Cornflake Girl” instantly became a theme song for me. These lyrics from “Little Earthquakes” destroyed me and put me back together again every time. “Oh these little earthquakes. Here we go again. Oh these little earthquakes. Doesn’t take much to rip us into pieces.” Tori helped me untangled the mess of my emotions and showed me that there is no shame in expressing yourself.

She really opened me up to writing honest words from what I was going through rather than just catchy hooks that people would leave behind when the next trend comes around. It became even more important to me to write timeless songs that people would relate to for years to come. Like Tori, I wanted to show that there is strength behind exposing your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. I wanted to help others by putting words and music to the feelings that they had trouble expressing. I can still listen to any of her records today and be equally, if not more so, moved. I knew from that moment, that is all I wanted with my music too.

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