Interview // ClayToRide

If you want a bit of a change to your typical indie listening then I highly advise you to lend your ears to the indie rock stylings of ClayToRide. The Italian trio give a bit more of kick to their sound and you’ll be falling in love with their mesmerizing melodies as soon as you hit play. Mytacism Music was lucky enough to have a quick chat to them about their second album and get to the core of what makes ‘Glass Vessels’ the beauty that it is:

What is the album about?

The entire soul of the album hails from the fragility of our days, to the changeableness of the human life and conditions, “the times they are a changing” as Dylan said.


What happened when you first heard the final version of the album?

After the first listen in the studio, we always have the “first trial” into Matteo’s car, just for listen how the album sounds in a normal stereo. We remember that, after have listened to the album for the first time, we stared at each other for a while and then we said: “Wow! Ok, we got it!”.

How did you it make you feel?

During the first listen, our feeling was a mixture of happiness, curiosity and a sort of depersonalization, because we remember that, firstly, was a bit strange for us realizing that what we were listening was not played by our amps! By the way, the first effect caused by the album was a general kind of flashback that reminded us all the situation lived together while we were writing our songs down. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes was less, sometimes both of these feelings of happiness and melancholy, especially for the song “Turn out the light” which is dedicated to a friend of us who passed away.

Why did you make the album?

Because we needed to find a common way for all the three of us to express our point of view in each days of our life about all the things that happen around us. It’s a kind of mirror that we use to explain our way of life, our habits, and that’s the reason why we absolutely need to play our music.

Tell me more about your lyrics?

More or less, all the lyrics talk about us. As we said before, our music is the result of what we are, without filters. In our lyrics, we try to exexplain the fragility of our times through some stories about people who need to keep a close watch on every moves of his life. Sometimes these stories have an happy ending, sometimes not…or sometimes the only thing to do is running! (exactly like what happens in “Kyle”).

Do you have a favourite track?

Yes, we have a favorite track, which is “This Town”. We prefer it particularly because it represents the union between rage against all the barriers that can stop freedom of thought, and hope for a changeling.

Do you have any particular memories attached to the record?

In the video clip of our single “Lady Mania” we have impressed some old memories about our friends, our lifestyle, linked to the film “La Haine”, which is one of our favorite films, especially because of the moral that it expresses. “Lady Mania” it’s a video about the street life indeed, where we also look so much younger, but it represents an important piece of our life that evidences how things can change fastly, how it is easy to find and lose many people in our own life. However, every time we look back to the past, our memories necessarily make us smile, reminding us how life can be totally crazy!

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