My love of the dark brooding electronic genre has been yet again ignited, my inner darkness being re-released by the throbbing, pulsating creature that is Krychek. The latest track ‘Heist’ has scoured my body, my mind and the air that I’m breathing, and replaced with vast layers of blackness. Black eyeliner, black hair, black clothing, black mystery. You know the look. It’s made me become a ghost in the night. A breeze running past you on a shadowy street. Those dark feelings you suppress to keep your mind clean. Whatever you think of the likes of NIN, Ministry and the other industrial, electro outfits out there, you know you will never detach yourself from their magnetic pull and Krychek is an artists you should not only allow yourself to be pulled towards, but let yourself be sunk to those quivering, metallic depths.

‘Live your life like an adrenaline junkie’

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