It’s Christmas Eve. You need something to chill out with before the chaos of Christmas. We have the sort of thing that you need.

No, it doesn’t come in an airtight bag. It instead comes in the form of someone who has a similar name to someone who gives out said bags. BadMatt. In his drug-like chill in ‘BBBathtub’, he laments about how you can ‘take a bath in the bathtub‘, a simple lyric that is turned into one of the best quotes of the track all because of those slow, funking melodies that somehow make it seem like the most meaningful sentence ever written. You’ll find yourself trying not say it to everyone else, knowing that without those irresistible grooving notes behind it, you’ll sound like a half-wit. If you haven’t pressed pay yet, you’re probably sat there wondering what the fuck I’m going on about but as soon as those lyrics flow into your ears and the languidly lazy sounds accompany it, you’ll be addicted. Trust me, it’s hazy gold.



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