Dan McCarthy // My Wish For Peace

I have always had a little soft spot for good acoustics and Dan McCarthy never fails to hit that spot with whatever he makes. His most recent release is an EP called ‘My Wish For Peace’, 6 tracks of heart-felt music, the first inspired by the Paris attacks. The EP again reveals McCarthy’s usual effortless skill and gentle manners but it’s the lyrics in the first track that really takes your breath away.

Dan McCarthy

The title track begins with a slowly building intro before the quietly powerful “We need peace on earth today / Don’t let the evil ones take your power away / Kindness is in your hearts, its time to start a new day” makes you stop in your tracks and start thinking. It’s hard not to just quote the whole song, every word wields a meaningful message that you can not ignore. ‘I’ll Climb’ is a simpler, toned down song, focusing more on the cheery riffs that tug slightly on the corners of your mouth. It does well as a motivational song, as you can tell by the title it looks at McCarthy overcoming obstacles, or, in this case, the girl who ‘turned the other way’.

The watery smile of ‘You Don’t Know What I’m Thinking’ is another highlight from the EP, it’s not as accusing as the title suggests as it takes a soft sound that seems to hold your hand slightly, letting you know you’re not alone. The remaining three tracks flaunt McCarthy’s sound excellently, ‘My Father’s House’ in particular shows off his technical ability opening with warping riffs that unfurl and tighten while a homage to his past is sung.

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