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Ever wanted to know what made the artists in your music library tick? What albums inspired their own? Their own personal musical history? Wonder no more for Mytacism Music has got your Monday Inspiration to show you the albums that inspired the albums. This week we’re asking Juliana about Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ ‘Stadium Arcadium’, the album that inspired her own gorgeous music.

Juliana Barillaro

What made you pick up the album?

My dad always surrounded me with the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Kiss (he’s a huge Kiss fan), and The Eagles, as a kid, but I was the one that got him into the Chilli Peppers. As I grew into my early teens, maybe about 15 them. Listening to this album was the moment where I just went “WOW- officially obsessed”. I don’t think there is one song on there that I don’t love, which is quite rare I think. I do, however prefer disc 1, “Jupiter”. The title of the album is what drew me in as well… I’d never heard anything like it. It sounded like it was out of this world. I know it’s quite different to my style of music, but I’m in love with music, I don’t believe in sticking to one genre, and I don’t really believe in genres at all. It may sound strange to some, but it is definitely in my top 5 favourite albums of all time. After listening to Stadium Arcadium I just wanted to hear anything and everything they had done.

Where were you when you first heard the album in its entirety? 

I can’t say I remember too well, but after I heard some of the “Californication” album, I went straight to our local music store and bought almost their entire collection. I remember I got “By the Way” and “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” and then of course “Stadium Arcadium”. After that, I listened to them religiously. “Stadium Arcadium” stood out for me the most.

Where did the album take you on your first listen?

It was so melodic! So transcendent! Every song was a winner whether it was the lyrics or John Frusciante on guitar or those genius backing vocals in every single song. It made me feel so blissful, nostalgic and a little sad, all at the same time. I feel a major wave of energy every time the chorus of ‘She’s only 18’ comes in and I almost lose my breath when Anthony Kiedis starts to sing in “Slow Cheetah”. “Wet Sand” was another one that struck me like lighting- the changes, the melody- it’s beautiful.

Why did it inspire your own work? 

It’s hard to put my music side by side the chilli peppers, because of course they’re very different. I think the beauty of their art, is what made me love music in general. Their complete heart and soul embodies their music and I wanted to do the same with my own. You can hear in the guitars and in their enchanting vocals how devoted they are to their music. I may not always know what their songs mean, because they’re so wonderfully metaphorical, but the point is that I believe them and I connect to them. It’s not every day that you come across something so magical or something that makes you feel so magical.

Are there any lyrics that stuck with you from the record? 

SO MANY! I loved “if you never tell a lie then you never have to play dumb” in ‘Storm in a Teacup’; I found that so sassy and oddly true. “Lions and tigers come running just to steal your luck” (Especially in Michigan); I can’t say my interpretation of it is the right one, but to me that talks about how people may take advantage of you once you become successful or your happy about something. “It looked to me like heaven sent this for your roughest night… who’s gonna take you home and hold you when things aren’t so bright” (She Looks to Me) and “I used to be so full of my confidence, I used to know just what I wanted and just where to go” (Hey) ; they always make me feel a little sad…

The first verse in “She’s only 18” is so visual! It’s very sexy in a lot of ways when it’s paired with that guitar, but it paints such a beautiful picture of a really really cool girl who I think I’d love to be for day. “Knock the world right off its feet and straight onto its head”… that’s genius too.

Do you have a favourite track?

I don’t have a favourite, but my top five have to be;

– Slow Cheetah

– Wet Sand

– She’s Only 18

– Desecration Smile

– She looks to Me

Do you have any particular memories attached to the record?

I started listening to this album during very formative years of my life. I’m still journeying through very formative years, but it’s my therapy album. It makes me feel better; it helps me think. And it made me feel A LOT better at the time I first listened to it. I remember Dani California was one of the first songs I played when landing in LA and it was also my alarm every morning. Being from Australia I found it so exciting that I was playing that song in its birthplace I guess! And well, if I’m being completely honest and a little personal, “Slow Cheetah” was the very first song a special someone played for me- it holds a very special place in my heart.

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