Bill Mountain

Bill Mountain sound bat shit crazy. As they scream down the microphone that ‘I need your energy’ in ‘Bodies’, I sit here think and I wish I had yours, Bill Mountain. The Houma five piece create a chaos that makes you want to get sweaty. And I don’t just mean sweaty, I mean a think-you’re-going-to pass-out, dripping sweat.

They slap some hysterical vocals, some insanely fast drums and some reverbed guitar with a cry of sax and create the wild spirit of ‘Let’s Get It Started’, a song that will never fail to start a party. ‘Dirty’ brings out a less wild and more rock’n’roll side. The drums are still going at 100 mph but the guitar adds a creeping, ominous sound that seeps into your veins and turns them deep shades of anger. Or, if those tracks haven’t convinced you of their necassery place on your radar, check yourself into 2 minutes and 22 seconds of momentum that is ‘Slam’. It spends every second building up and when that tension finally starts leaving, you feel reborn, euphoric and stronger than ever. It’s better than one of those juice crazes.

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