Sweet Tempest

Every thought that runs through your mind when the words ‘Sweet Tempest’ are uttered are exactly what the duo are. They are the sugar of the storm, a delicate commotion, the glistening rain drops that glitter a landscape. Despite knowing each other for many years, the two halves of Sweet Tempest, also known as Julian and Luna, have only recently joined forces. Luna’s voice breaks through the fog whilst the expertly produced melodies from Julian take you into another world.

Sweet Tempest

Their first release comes in the translucent form of ‘Snow’, a five track lucid journey. The duo’s beauty is perfectly presented in the gentle title track, it’s a song that makes you feel like you’re conquering your dreams and the melodies are deliciously catchy without being over the top. ‘The Truth’ is gentler still, feeling like a loving twirl in the bedroom before ‘My Boulder’ reaches a toe or two into the darker electro boundaries as it pulsates, pulling something out of them from an area deeper within.

‘Never Break’ reverts to the gentle rhythms in the earlier tracks, the melodies working to form a narrative in your head whilst the vocals sprinkle in some extra details, adding the very real feel of the song. The final track, ‘Monsters Under The Bed’, is a transcendence from heaven, there’s an otherworldly nature that shines from the song that, in the chorus, manages to lift you to the clouds.

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