Mo Safren

Mo Safren is the perfect person to continue the love after Valentines Day. His tracks will make you swoon, filling you up with that warm, fuzzy feeling you normally reserve for your favourite rom com. Safren’s music is a luscious pop, filled with jazz and R&B influences, that come together to make a remarkable sound. And, his upcoming album ‘Decent Rhythm’ (out March 18th) will be brimming with these influences, making some unforgettable tracks but, for now, we have ‘Bagels And Coffee’ to keep us going.

‘Bagels And Coffee’ opens with the gentle notes of a piano that are soon joined by Safren’s soft vocals, depicting the story of everyone’s typical daydream of love. But, it’s not long before the track builds up to the tracks high point; a moving chorus that makes your heart swell and lungs expand as you find yourself singing your heart out. It won’t be long before ‘Bagels And Coffee’ becomes your favourite track.

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