The Years

The Years, a collab between Brian Stanley and Cecil Campanaro, are so good that I’m not quite sure how to comprehend it. Their electric sound is one that leaves you watering at the mouth but, hopefully very soon, their EP will there to satisfy that hunger.

In the first track they’ve teased us with, the vocals are cool and calm, the beat is steady and the whole track lingers after it’s time is up. Yet, it is anything but a chilled or placid track.  ‘Weathervane’ is a crushing, dark, heavy track with the right sort of jangly guitars to make it seem slightly less of a nightmare and more of a crazy hallucination. But be careful, it’s got a venomous spirit that poisons you with a lust for more.

A lust that they seem to be managing to satisfy with ‘Electric Intervention’. This track has more of a groove to it, you’ll find it winding up your body with it’s lustful bass line and light, breathless vocals before it kicks in, shouting “We only do it for the fame”. And, if these tracks are anything to go by, the EP is going to be a killer.

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