Maya Payne

If you’re still struggling to get past that dreary, start of the week feeling, Maya Payne’s music will definitely help to pick up the mood – her upbeat, pop-tastic tracks promising good vibes only. Her sound is like a fresher version of Charlie XCX’s, an icon Payne even opened for when XCX visited Payne’s homeland of New Zealand.

Payne’s first single from upcoming EP ‘Lucky Ones’ bodes exceptionally well for the artist, slammed in with those goof vibes is one of the catchiest, feel good choruses that I’ve heard in a while. If it didn’t make you feel so invincible, you’d probably hate yourself for knowing it so well but, instead, you can hold your head high and shout “We are the young, we are the wild, we will blow your mind…” proudly at the top of your lungs. Embrace it. You know you want to.

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