Latenite Automatic // Moth

‘For our hero, Mr Bowie’ – Latenight Automatic are back with a another track from a different planet, dedicated to the one and only.

Like LA’s previous work, ‘Moth’ is just as haunting and brooding as the rest. It opens up with the outbreak of crushing drums, the sort that evacuate your mind of anything and everything – leaving you with the almost tribal thrash and crash. As soon as the first syllable of the vocals float in, you can hear a resurrection of Bowie’s famous voice. Those soft yet harsh tones are the perfect accompaniment to the weight of the drums, somehow easing the darkness to something more haunting. About halfway through we hear a tenderer side when the pelts fizz out into the icy notes of the piano, the only other sound is the repetition of “More of this / Metamorphosis / You will change / You will change“, leaving behind a shiver on your spine and a stab of emotion in your chest.

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