The Drones // To Think That I Once Loved You

Its not often that I’m left speechless after to hearing something but The Drones seem to be the anomaly here. But then again it’s something we should come to expect as the Australian band are veterans really to making something mind blowing as ‘Feeling Kinda Free’, released in March this year, marks their 7th album release. And, like any good wine, The Drones have aged particularly well.

‘To Think That I Once Loved You’ is the latest single from the album and is probably one of the best tracks of the album. It is oozing this unfathomable level of raw emotion which, if you don’t brace yourself, will leave you breathless, headless and unable to function. For a little while at least. Once you get use to the overpowering emotion, you’ll find yourself in awe at the whole composition of the track. The build up is so gentle but so ominous, every element of the sound comes together in a slow march that’ll give you an itchy skin and a dangerous addiction to the dark. As the melodious get their momentum going, the vocal harmonies join in, completely contrasting but working deliciously well with the underlying gloom. And the ending? Surprisingly tender, if only in a way that’ll leave you with a thirst for more.

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