Inspiration: Miss Krystle (+ Exclusive showing of her latest video)

Along with an exclusive showing of her latest music video ahead of its release tomorrow, Mytacism Music is exploring the inspiration behind Miss Krytle’s ‘Dukes Up’…

Miss Krystle

What was the inspiration behind the Dukes Up music video?

During pre-production for the music video, the director (Shanice Malakai with Malakai Creative) and I were trying to really focus on the various aspects of who I am as an artist. For example, in the beginning of the music video, you see a table covered in fruit and vegetables. This is a commentary on my lifestyle as a vegan. I really wanted the scene to be vibrant and colorful, to reflect the literal difference in my own perspective of the world once I went vegan. After years of struggling with chronic fatigue and gastrointestinal issues that affected my quality of life, within one week of being on the vegan lifestyle, I felt completely normal, and my health has only continued to improve over the years on this lifestyle. We also softly highlighted the fact that I am an entertainment attorney during the bar scene, where I had an opportunity to wear wardrobe I have actually worn in Court before. The overall theme of the video is human strength, and fighting for your dreams, no matter what.

In the video, you wear a blue bikini with some memorable white raver-boots. What was the inspiration behind that outfit?

First off, Vara Ayanna, the stylist on this video, did a great job working with me to put together all the looks. The blue outfit was a frankensteined-tribute to my pageant days with the Miss American organization. The contrast between standards for women wearing something skimpy for a pageant, versus a music video are funny and contradictory sometimes. The blue bikini was the exact-same bikini I wore when I competed for that reason… and as for the shoes, well, that’s just a tribute to my ever-lasting love for Marilyn Manson and his legacy on pop culture. Finally, the blue faux jacket ties back to Snoop. Gotta love Snoop!

What was one of the challenges of the Dukes Up music video?

I had the terrible luck of getting sick right before the shoot. Besides the usual flu-symptoms, I was having the hardest time breathing with the slightest movement. So given that we had several chorography-intensive scenes back-to-back, in 50-degree weather nonetheless, it was a challenge at times. The crew and extras were all troopers, and no one complained. Despite any challenges, it was a very fun and memorable shoot.

This is the second music video you put out for your upcoming “Woman In Motion” album. Which music video do you like better?

The first music video we put out this year is “Swear,” which has a very soft and sexy visual to accompany the more R&B style of the song. This second music video for “Dukes Up” is the complete opposite. It is high-energy, fun, and gives viewers a 90s feel at some points. Truthfully, I love both videos. They both represent different styles and sides to who I am as an artist.

Were there any vocalists who inspired your performance on “Dukes Up”?

The new album (including Dukes Up) was produced by That Orko, who has always challenging me to push my voice to new levels. To not only explore gentler, soothing tones, but to open my voice and belt out some lyrics! Dukes Up is a bigger-vocal song for sure, so I was sure to channel some Martha Wash (C+C Music Factory) and lzzy hale (Halestorm).

What can people expect from your upcoming album?

We strategically released “Swear” and “Dukes Up” first, because they represent the dynamic of the upcoming album. There is everything from Pop, to R&B, to Trip-Hop. Besides a few love-themed songs, the majority of the lyrics on my new album are about people empowerment (not just female empowerment), and staying strong during times of personal struggle.

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