Interview: The Tin Pigeons

We’ve caught up with The Tin Pigeons to ask them about festivals past and present, including whats going to go down during their set at Barn On The Farm in a few months.

Tin Pigeons - BOTF press 1

As a quick intro, what three words would you use to describe yourselves and your music?

i) Polite ii) charming iii) easy going

You’ve got an exciting summer coming coming, including a performance at Barn on the Farm, how are you feeling about it?

We are so excited for this summer! It’s the first time we’ve had a run of really good festivals lined up (i.e. ones that we’re super exited just to be going to, let alone playing) and so it’s very significant for us as a band. Festival stages were always sort of the dream locus for us when we first started making music– the setting in which we always imagined playing our songs– so all of a sudden to have sets at festivals like BotF, Secret Garden Party and Boardmasters feels pretty unreal. Plus, as well as a chance to play our songs for new crowds in new places, it means we get to see some of our favourite artists play too.

Will you be playing any of the tracks from your new EP at BotF? Have you got any live favorites yet?

Yes we should be playing all of them! They’re all favourites after a fashion, but there’s one called ‘Sirens’ which is a lot of fun and always seems to get a good reaction from audiences; I think because it’s got a mix of singer-songwriter-y emotion and crunchy band grooves, so everyone’s covered!

Have you got any stories from past festivals that you’d be willing to share?

One of our best festival memories (we’re such sycophants) is actually from BotF a couple of years ago. There was a piano set up in the little merch enclosure and we just had loads of fun taking part in these massive jam sessions, everyone gathered around the piano. It was like some sickening utopian vision of communal creative socialisation.

What was your first live gig like? How have your sets developed since then?

It was a market flower and produce festival. I wouldn’t say much has changed, other than that, these days, we don’t have to pause between songs to allow the dog-show results to be announced over the PA. Also I am no longer permitted to conclude sets with solo renditions of Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees, which is a shame.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for your BotF performance?

Don’t want to give much away, but let’s just say “Swan Lake+Twerking+ Princess Diana Tribute” and leave it at that.

And finally, are there any acts your looking forward to seeing/would recommend seeing at BotF?

The line-up is amazing this year, but we’re probably most excited to see Flyte; those guys are incredible!

Watch The Tin Pigeons at Barn on the Farm Festival, July 1st – 3rd in Gloucestershire. For more information please visit

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