10 Reasons You’d Be Stupid Not To Go To Lunar Festival

With Lunar Festival fast approaching, it’s about time you got your tickets. But, if you’re still on the fence about going, we’re showing off the very best acts on this year’s line-up. Try not to drool too much.

Mercury Rev

There is something truly magical about the sounds that this duo create. Think of any level that music can speak to you on; spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally, these guys can tick any box.

WHEN: Friday 3rd June

Badly Drawn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy is a man who’s ingenuity appears to be uncontrollable. Every release seems to delve deeper into Gough’s mind to make something beautifully original.

WHEN: Friday 3rd June

Stealing Sheep

Influenced by just about anything, Stealing Sheep know how to make their listeners smile. Don’t miss your opportunity to join in.

WHEN: Friday 3rd June


With a new half-recorded album on its way, the acclaimed underground 70’s rock band are continuing to blow minds and Lunar will be the perfect place to enjoy their genius.

WHEN: Saturday 4th June

Bentley Rhythm Ace

It is necessary to indulge in the more odder ends of music sometimes and you can’t go wrong with the sampled, synthetic Bentley Rhythm Ace. And, if you need any more persuasion, this is their only Midlands date in June.

WHEN: Saturday 4th June

Bill Ryder-Jones

Intense, consuming and passionate are all words that could be associated with the multi-instrumentalist’s talent. They can’t, however, match up to the overwhelming feeling of seeing him exert his majesty live.

WHEN: Saturday 4th June

Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes are the ultimate band. If you’re wondering who it was that had a large influence on some of your favourite acts, then these are the guys you’re looking for. Even Kurt Cobain was a fan.

WHEN: Saturday 4th June

Super Furry Animals

An obvious place to start is with the hairy kings of indie rock. After their 5 year hiatus, you’d be stupid to not catch them live, and even more so in the edenic landscape of Lunar.

WHEN: Sunday 5th June

The Zombies

The unmistakable sound of The Zombies will be a resounding experiance live. There really is no better way to take in the chemistry that this 5-piece make.

WHEN: Sunday 5th June

Matt Berry and the Maypoles

If you need some help transcending onto an imaginative voyage, Matt Berry is your guy. By listening to his essentially English sound, you can travel into any land you can think of.

WHEN: Sunday 5th June

Lunar Festival
Fri 3rd – Sun 5th June 2016
Tanworth In Arden, Warwickshire
Adults from £115 for the weekend/£45 per day


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