Lunar Festival: Friday

Lunar Festival is nestled away in the Tanworth-in-Arden countryside at the idyllic Umberslade Farm. Its location not only allows the kids to spend some quality time amid the innocent lambs and calves in the petting farm, but pays homage to the talents of Nick Drake, some of the weekend’s acts even dedicating various covers to the man. The festival site was filled with many relaxing areas, including the sanctity of The Bimble Inn: a bar, a stage and one of the most gorgeously decorated sections of the festival. That’s not forgetting the vibrant land that hid behind The Crow Bar where bubble machines, psychedelic lights and magnificent displays of art and neon signs meant you could forget the negativity of the outside world and instead submerge yourself in to the beauty of this faraway land.

There was no other way to open up the spellbinding festival that with Chartreuse, a band who would fit well on anyone’s tongue. They created an effortless blend of indie and soul, making them a tempting starter to the many courses to be delivered that day. The following set was supposed to be inhabited by one of Mytacism Music’s favorites – Victories At Sea. However, down to the drummer’s broken rib, The Castillians took their place. They treated the crowd to a gritty mix of rock’n’roll and authentic blues that was so beefy you could chew it – their raspy vocals creating the perfect crunchy topping.

All was not lost for any Victories At Sea fans though as the temporary two-piece treated those in The Bimble Inn to a toned down set. It was a lot more decaffeinated than what we anticipated but it was still just as good. They created a swirling atmosphere that was full of an intoxicating sonic consonance that took on a life of its own. Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation then took to the main stage in a whirlwind of hallucinating ice and ethereal sounds. Their set shouted out inspo from the likes of Portishead – their talents just as developed and strong as the famous three-piece. Flamingo Flame were given the tough job of following up but left no disappointment within their busy crowd. They turned the feisty alt rock sound in something just as fashionable as, according to their frontman, flamingos are at the moment.

But it was inevitable that, in a place like Lunar, we’d be visited by something otherworldly. As Stealing Sheep took their place on the main stage, the audience could be forgiven for presuming that they’d been beamed down from a planet composed of sheer musical talent as the trio donned fully white outfits and intriguing white face paint. Their music was just as mystical as its producers looked, making it no surprise that those electronic chords were the first noises to force the crowd to completely lose themselves, and their bodies, to the ever evolving noise that the talented women created. Another one of our favorites for the weekend then crashed onto stage over at The Bimble Inn. Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam were just as good as we predicted as, armed with that unmistakable sound, it was hard not to be enamored by the lads on stage.

One of the highlights of the day for the Lunar crowd was, inevitably, Badly Drawn Boy. As he expressed how it ‘was great to be back in this part of the world’, it didn’t take much persuasion for the audience to agree as the artist flowed through a set that flaunted every ounce of the man’s incomprehensible talent. But, it would be hard to argue against the fact that Mercury Rev’s set was one to behold. The two piece, who hold 8 albums under their belt, played long into the night, their mix of ecstasy and calming lulls keeping any onlooker on their feet and never failed to perk up the sleepier part of their gathering.

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