Lunar Festival: Saturday

Lunar Festival is nestled away in the Tanworth-in-Arden countryside at the idyllic Umberslade Farm. Its location not only allows the kids to spend some quality time amid the innocent lambs and calves in the petting farm, but pays homage to the talents of Nick Drake, some of the weekend’s acts even dedicating various covers to the man. The festival site was filled with many relaxing areas, including the sanctity of The Bimble Inn: a bar, a stage and one of the most gorgeously decorated sections of the festival. That’s not forgetting the vibrant land that hid behind The Crow Bar where bubble machines, psychedelic lights and magnificent displays of art and neon signs meant you could forget the negativity of the outside world and instead submerge yourself in to the beauty of this faraway land. 

Read our review of Friday here.

After a late night on the Friday enjoying the ‘late night sounds’ of Physchemagik’s Magik Forest in the Arabian Tent and the Leftfoot with Horsemeat Disco, there really was no better way to start the day than with The Good Water. The sound the duo created exceeded our expectations, the festival’s sound system blasting any bleary eyes away with The Good Water’s shudderingly good mix of rhythm and blues, a couple of extra psych vibes add in. Following in a similar suit, Seeland brought with them their mesmerizing hooks that suited the lunchtime crowd perfectly.

The gorgeous Katherine Priddy then floated down from heaven to treat the audience to a both gentle and entrancing set that was dominated by her angelic voice, a voice so special it brought the sun out. It soon came time for Amber Arcades to take her place on the main stage, the supporting band flaunting their cool fashion choices as the solo artist effortlessly enthralled her crowd with her slick but dazed sound.

Bill Ryder-Jones was then the answer to the heat, his mellow dreamscapes were enough to cool down anyone. As his husky voice joined his illusory melodies, Ryder-Jones managed to convert any member of the crowd into full-blown fans. But, for those looking for more energy, Swampmeat Family Band were the answer to their prayers. They boasted their groovy blues/rock’n’roll as onlookers couldn’t help but join in with the sheer velocity of the band, members at the back even practicing some high-spirited moves.

Meanwhile Ibibo Sound Machine were getting both young and old under their wing as they colorfully exercised their more funky sound before Boat To Row slowed things down again slightly. Their softer melodies were so emotive you could feel every ounce of what the band themselves were experiencing as they drew in an exceeding large crowd.

A review of Lunar would, however, not be complete without many people’s favourite act of the day – Television. Despite a few sound problems, the New Yorkers made their definitive sound become refreshed – bringing the 70’s forward 40 years. It has to be said though they didn’t bring as much crazy energy as Bentley Rhythm Ace did. Closing the main stage, they brought with them a rainbow of colour, carnival dancers and even a car. They inevitably kept energy levels high with their irresistible, wild sound.

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