Barn On The Farm: The Unmissable

It is exactly one week to go until the sold out Barn on the Farm. While the festival has many delights on it’s line-up, there are just a few unmissable acts that you can not go with out seeing.


Clean Cut Kid

This Liverpudlian foursome are quickly sweeping up the indie charts with their irresistibly alt-pop sound. If you haven’t heard their best track ‘Vitamin C’, you have been evidently been living under a rock as it is more than catchy, it is arresting, captivating and simply addictive.

Dan Croll

The music Croll makes has the sort of precision you’d expect from a scientist. He makes his songs in a lab, mixing and heating different licks of bass and icy keys until he finds the perfect formula, a formula that will have you smiling and shimmering until morning.

Oh Wonder

A Saturday roundup would not be complete without mentioning the top-billed act of the day. The popular duo will inevitably make you ‘Lose It’ as they take to the stage Saturday – their music taking away those troubles as they whisk up those easy-going vibes,


Zak Abel

Zak Abel is just as smooth as his table tennis skills. It’s not everyday you see someone playing ping-pong as seamlessly as that whilst singing a song as slick as his ‘Everybody Needs Love’.


Anybody who possesses such a enchanting and mesmerizing voice like Frances’s should be a must-see at any event. Luckily, BOTF-goers get the joy of seeing her in one of the most picturesque festivals, a backdrop that easily matches those beautiful soundscapes that back her unforgettable vocals.

Jack Garratt

Perhaps the most loved upcoming artists out there at the moment, Jack Garratt is capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere. His chilled out sound has set him a place at Glasto today along with winning him various other awards, including the Critic’s Choice at The BRITS, marking him as the ultimate act to catch next weekend. Don’t miss out.

All tickets sold out.
July 1st – 3rd in Gloucestershire.
For more information please visit


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