Barn on the Farm: Brother and Bones

Barn on the Farm is the festival that manages to boast the best upcoming artists before they hit the mainstream. In past years, artists like Catfish and the Bottlemen, James Bay and Bastille have graced their stages so it’s no wonder this year has sold out as festival-goers try to catch a glimpse at the soon to be big name bands whilst they’re still in their youth. I should imagine that today’s pick from the festival line-up will be making a bigger name for themselves very soon.

WHO: Brother and Bones | WHERE: Main Stage | WHEN: Sat 2nd July

Brothers and Bones make a strange rock-fueled folk sound that will catch your attention just before you realize just how well it works. Obviously, surprising their audiences comes naturally to them. They trick the masses into relaxing into those friendly twangs before injecting adrenaline into their soundstream, perking up their listeners and making them pay attention. It won’t be long before the world we be paying attention too.

Brother And Bones: Twitter / Facebook

Barn on the Farm: Twitter / Facebook
All tickets sold out.
July 1st – 3rd in Gloucestershire.
For more information please visit


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