Barn on the Farm: Vant

The clock is slowly ticking by so, while you try to decide who to put on your ‘must see’ list for Barn on the Farm, we’ve picked out another act to try and help you make those difficult decisions. Yesterday’s recommendation was the rock-fueled Brother and Bones.

WHO: Vant | WHERE: Main Stage | WHEN: Sat 2nd July

Somehow making their rabid, angst-ridden sound become almost nonchalant in its delivery, Vant are a four piece you can’t help but admire. Their feisty guitars would refuse to be contained by mortal hands but Vant seem to put a spell over them, making those strings subdued before letting them rip and roar until they exhaust themselves. Make sure you catch their set to witness some of their effortless talent.

Vant: Twitter / Facebook

Barn on the Farm: Twitter / Facebook
All tickets sold out.
July 1st – 3rd in Gloucestershire.
For more information please visit


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