EP Review: You Are Number Six // VHS Dreams

Fans of synth-pop and electro are in for a treat as, on the 16th of July, You Are Number Six (AKA Théo Lefebvre) is releasing his 6th EP ‘VHS Dreams’. If you aren’t already tempted by its title, then let me try and coax you with my own ode to YAN6’s unmistakable sound.

You Are Number Six

Opening track ‘Glitches’ is a perky welcome – wailing notes accompany a tempting rebooted 80’s style that leaves you with a thirst for more. YAN6’s sound is one that sets him apart from the crowd, making him, and his EP, a purveyor of his scene. This sound is flaunted even more in the second track ‘Le Balcon Sur La Mer’ that translates as ‘The Balcony On The Sea’. The name is apt considering how beautifully calming the track is, waves of synthed-up notes washing away any frowns.

The first single taken from the EP was ‘Tropic of Love’, a track that is perhaps one of the most noteworthy on the release. It’s more upbeat than the previous tracks, its gliding melodies will no doubt leave you with stars in your eyes. But, for those who want something less busy and more bare, ‘Alice’ will feed your hunger. As one of the more human tracks on ‘VHS Dreams’, it will remind any listener that Théo isn’t just a master of the synthesizer but human too, his whistles coming as shock to the system after the electro storm he’s just worked up.

‘VHS Dreams’ is You Are Number Six’s 6th EP, available for download on July 16th.

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