Interview: Lipoma Furs

Following the release of his two singles (the steady but dazed ‘Slipping Away’ and ‘You’ll Be Fine’) from upcoming EP ‘Downer’, we got to speak to solo artist behind the slow-footed dreams – Lipoma Furs.

Mytacism Music: Using three words, how would introduce yourself and your music to new fans?

Lipoma Furs: Introspective, honest, lame.

What’s your first memory of music?

My first memory of music is actually something I’m quite fond of. I remember I had just gotten home from school and wound up walking in on my dad blasting Black Sabbath’s song N.I.B. while screaming the lyrics to himself. We made eye contact and he continued his concert of one. It scared the shit out of me in the best possible way.

So far, have you had any difficult obstacles to overcome with your music? Has it been harder to work just as a solo artist or do you think working with a band would have helped?

I think the biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome with my music so far is learning to accept it for what it is. I realize that I’m at a very early stage in my music career and inevitably, I’m going to make a lot of mistakes. I feel as long as I can forgive myself and stay humble I’ll be a-okay. Though I’m infatuated with the idea of creating music collaboratively, doing it solo is just more convenient at this point in time. Being a full-time student, lackadaisical employee, and hobby traveller is seriously time consuming. I like being able to write and record at my leisure. I see working alone as less of an artistic hindrance and more of a personal challenge honestly.

What has been the main inspiration behind the singles?

At the risk of sounding cliché, I would have to say I draw my biggest inspiration from life experience. The song “Slipping Away” is a reflection and response to my reoccurring stints with depression and social anxiety. “You’ll Be Fine” was initially a song I wrote about a childhood friend’s suicide, but I ended up editing it to make it more open for interpretation. Not the prettiest subjects, but it’s what moves me.

How were you feeling when you wrote them? Both the tracks’ titles and tempos suggest that you were quite down but I can hear a small sense of hope in there too.

Ironically, I find most of my life’s joy and satisfaction in writing music. Maybe that sense of hope you hear is just my poorly veiled optimism. But I’ve always liked music that doesn’t comprise emotional sustenance for a catchy chorus. It’s real and you know it; there is no ulterior motive, just a lump of ugly reality. But who knows, maybe it’s just a cry for help and I can’t see it yet.

What should we expect from the EP out in August? Will it be similar to the singles or have you got some new sounds to treat us to?

Being candid, I’ve been building up this release in my mind for quite some time now, so I feel I definitely have some ideas worth anticipation. There are four more tracks to come, all with a different vibe but a similar purpose. I’m happy to announce there is also a music video in the works for one of the upcoming tracks. There will be self-deprecation, angst, love, heartbreak, forgiveness, and reverb, baby.

Lipoma Furs will be releasing his full ‘Downer’ EP on August 20th via Bandcamp.

Twitter / Soundcloud / Bandcamp


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