SOTD: Meadowlark // Quicksand

Meadowlark’s ‘Quicksand’ was birthed from a heart-wrenching story found on Humans of New York regarding ‘a young man who had gotten into this labour because of his sister’s 30,000 rupee medical bill. He took a loan from the brick kiln and agreed to work until it was paid off. His family members did the same. They believed it would take 3 months to pay it off, but when they went to leave, the debt had grown to 90,000 rupees. He said it was like Quicksand. The owners take all the money, as accommodation and food has to be paid for too, and the debt gets higher and higher. The workers don’t know their rights, and the brick kiln owners then sell the workers off to each other. His whole family were sold off for 2.2 million rupees’. The song is just as emotive as the story, Kate’s voice gushing with somber emotion over a quivering, minimalist melody.

‘Quicksand’ is Meadowlark’s latest single.

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