Gallery: Livestock

It may have only been the second Livestock Festival in existence but the organizers made sure that the whole weekend feel like it had been happening for years. Everything was carried out down to the T – you could rely on the bars to be well-stocked, the sets to start with impressive punctuality and the sound being second to none. They even provided seating (deckchairs and haybails), cover for the main stage (even though we were lucky enough not to need it) and plenty of shade for when the sun got too much (vital for the energetic kids). You could even detach yourself from the busy main festival arena and hide yourself away within the woodland area that was home to the magical woodland stage, only accessible by a beautiful natural walk through a canopy of trees, lighted by the warming presence of fairylights. I’m sure that those who went to this perfect weekend away left feeling fully detoxed of the negatives from the outside world, safe in the knowledge that they can return to their new-found favourite festival in just another year.

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Livestock takes place in Longdon, Gloucester.
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