EP Review: Fictionist // Free Spirit

4-piece band Fictionist have released their new EP ‘Free Spirit’. The band, born in Provo, make synth-pop that is hard to not love with the whole EP boasting a technicolor wheel of quirky melodies that will undoubtedly hook the even the most pickiest listener.


Opening with title track ‘Free Spirit’, the band make sure to flaunt their colorful synthed-up melodies over all else. It’s one of those songs that feel better than a sunny day – no matter what the weather, ‘Free Spirit’ will be on standby to bring the brightness back to your world. ‘We Can Sleep When We Die’ is then just as tireless as it sounds. It’s filled with a fluid, nonchalant energy that means you’ll be slowing down but never stopping. Penultimate track ‘High Society’ follows on by bringing in a slick bass line that draws the funk into the EP. The whole track develops a different edge to it, mixing in a deliciously scuzzy guitar riff to give a tasty rock feel that sticks beautifully out against the EP’s overall synth background. But, bringing the EP to a close, is ‘Right Now’ which brings back those key synths to make the brightest track on the release. The candy coloured melodies are the best part of the track – they’re busy, mixing space and electronic sounds with the end result of an intriguing earworm that you’ll be blissfully welcoming into your ears.

‘Free Spirit’ is Fictionist’s latest EP, out now.

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