EP Review: Silent Forum // Brief Collapses

Silent Forum are a 5-piece post-punk band hailing from Cardiff. Their sound is a mix of the melancholy greats, in their debut EP you could pin-down the influences from the likes of The Cure and even Joy Division as well as their own little spin on things, proving that Silent Forum have got a recipe for success in their mitts.

Silent Forum

Their EP opens with ‘Shame’, a dark, throbbing introduction to the darker side of the band. The track throws up a catastrophic chorus and chaotic verse that pummels out a deafening explosion of emotion. Meanwhile, ‘River’ feels hauntingly similar to The Cure, taking away some of the thunder of ‘Shame’ and instead opening up a more melancholy tone that both haunts and silences. Single ‘Nameless’ is an atmospheric track, slowly building to a shattering climax that flaunts each individual band member’s capabilities as it takes you closer to each note, beat and strum. The final track ‘Cortisol’ uses more emotion and power, the vocalist wielding pure honesty in his lyrics whilst the melodies behind him take a heart racing ascent, leaving the listener breathless and exhausted by the end of it. ‘Brief Collapses’ travels through various emotions within its track, leaving it to be perfect listening for whatever mood you find yourself in.

‘Brief Collapses’ is Silent Forum’s debut EP, out now.

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