Interview: Faux

After releasing their impeccable EP ‘Inhale’, Mytacism Music got the opportunity to ask Lee Male (vocals/guitar) a few questions to get to know Faux and the EP a little better. The EP itself is full of melodies that have both a hint of indie and emo, vocals that reach places you couldn’t fathom before listening and hooks that leave you hanging onto to every track, addicted to the four-pieces refreshing take on music.


Mytacism Music: As an introduction to new listeners, how would you sum up both yourselves and your music?

Lee Male (Faux): We are your classic laid back / anxious / confident / pro-active / lazy musician types. Our music is most easily summed up by saying Indie – emo.

Was their a collective reason for you all getting into music?

Free beer!

How did you all meet and what makes you all able to work so well together?

Neil Kennedy from the ranch introduced me and Luke together or suggested the idea as we were both fresh out of old projects and looking to start something new, Luke then said something a long the lines of “I know a sick drummer mate” then James turned up! We then had a couple of lead guitarists who did not quite gel and then we literally made Daly join against his will.

What artists would you say were the main inspiration behind the EP?

The 1975, Brand New, Foals, Manchester Orchestra, Two Door Cinema Club, Jimmy Eat World

Your EP is about how actions effect relationships, where did this influence come from? Is it based on you as a whole band or on individual experiences?

I would say mostly my (Lee) personal experience due writing the bulk of lyrics but the guys would advise if I have gone off the rails or am singing complete nonsense. I feel this EP accurately gets across my point without being too obvious but I am working on a rap album where I can tell it how it is for 2017.

You also say that the title track ‘Inhale’ is about the confinement of anxiety, how has anxiety effect you personally and do you have any advice for others?

I think my advice for others would be to try and take as many small steps out of your comfort zone a day as possible, no giant leaps as everyone who has suffered with anxiety will know how counterproductive they can be. Eat healthy, don’t sleep in all day and talk to your friends and family as they’re going to need to know why you’re bailing on all of your plans with them as regardless of how much of a flake you’re being, they all still love you and want to help so if you do bail don’t beat yourself up about it.

Do you all have favourite tracks on the EP? 

CALL – because it’s fun to play and fun to sing a long to!

‘Inhale’ is Faux’s latest EP, released August 5th.

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