EP Review: Acid Tongue // Beautiful Disaster

Acid Tongue are a trio of guys who ooze out sun from every instrument, spinning a sound that sounds like grunge on drugs. The band have just released their second EP ‘Beautiful Disaster’ that features influences from Southern R&B, Motown, folk and doo-wop, meaning each of the four tracks has a slightly different feel to them. It’s not often you get an EP where each track is just as memorable as the last so ‘Beautiful Disaster’ is definitely one to be adding to your collections.

Acid Tongue

Title track ‘Beautiful Disaster’ immediately sinks the listener into Acid Tongue’s hazed melodies. Buoyant on top of those melodies are Guy Keltner’s similarly fuzzy vocals – they sound almost mismatched on top but the mix of languid moods somehow feel like heaven to ears with good taste. The track builds and builds before finally invading every inch of head-space it can find, leaving most, if not all, listeners with a craving for more Acid Tongue. Satisfying that desire is ‘Mac and Me’. The track is full of contagious springy melodies that almost mask the darker story being told through the lyrics. Keltner “can’t live in this home” be we sure as hell can live in the psych-filled beast he’s creating.

Penultimate track ‘Twisted’ sounds like the result of the very best bits of every track being blended into one. This is the track that everyone should like – it doesn’t put a foot wrong with its flourishes of mellow riffs and intriguing lyrics. But, if you’re looking for something with more character, ‘Annie Get Your Scissors’ ticks all the boxes. Deviating slightly from the sound in previous tracks, the song flashes back to the golden age of rhythm and blues whilst using pysch-tinged melodies that let you know it’s not just any old band taking your breath away, but the immortal production of Acid Tongue.

‘Beautiful Disaster’ is Acid Tongue’s second EP, out now.

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