Single Review: Bastille // Good Grief & Fake It

So it’s been a while since we have heard from the lovable four-piece band from London, Bastille. But they are back with their crazy hit single ‘Good Grief” which has stole the hearts of many with its relatable lyrics. More recently though, they did a live performance of “Good Grief” for Vevo and it is incredible. It offers raw vocals and frankly the best backing set I have ever seen from a live performance. Bastille also preformed their newer song ‘Fake It’ for Vevo which featured their slow-burning, forlorn hit alongside the new video being played in the background.

So what’s to come from Bastille? Shortly after their imminent album release, Bastille will be hitting the road and going on tour all over Europe but also North America.

‘Good Grief’ and ‘Fake It’ are Bastille’s latest singles ahead of album release ‘Wild World’, out September 9th.

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Written by Erica Grace (@tangledwillows)


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